📝 Intro to Image Building Content

Watch this video 📽️and review notes below.

Posts that helps shape your image as a band

Think of it as a billboard (being on display) and behind-the-scenes (a peek inside).

Examples are:

  • What you're up to: demos of songs, lyrics, last night's set list, video clips at your show, etc.
  • A unique perspective: live stream a rehearsal, a peek inside a recording session, "on the road" photo collage, tour blog, etc.
  • Your motivation: musical motivations, pics from non-music events, career milestones, audience shout outs, your favorite things
  • Join the conversation: posting using trending hashtags, commenting on music events, sharing timely posts about holidays, local news, and content your fanbase would relate to

These are the posts that will help your fans follow your journey in a more personal and emotional way. Have fun with them in whatever way is characteristic with your band.

If you're a mainstream pop artist, you can probably be a bit more light-hearted in content than the edgy death metal band, who might share more targeted content aligned with their image.

But I'm here to tell you, if you're selling music, inviting people to shows, everyone's got an audience and everyone can benefit from building a better relationship with their fans.

Take a look at the numerous examples of image building posts in this section...