📝 Intro to Networking Content

Watch this video 📽️and review notes below.

Content that builds your relationship with your music scene

I want to let you in on a little known fact. Your music scene (local, regional, national) can be an awesome ally. I have seen first hand that there's enough [insert something you value] to go around. Whether it's gigs, fans, venues, etc.

You're conditioning fans to get in the habit of going to see music, to share posts, and most importantly, you're showing them that you care about THEM.

It's one more way to provide value to your fans.

Here's a few examples...

  • Tagging other bands or musicians in your posts
  • Sharing articles by local music media and journalist
  • Giving shout outs to venues you've played (before and after the show)
  • Sharing songs by artists who have inspired you
  • Posting links of other band's videos or going live at their show
  • Information about public events, fundraisers or festivals you've played

Now, if you're anything like me, you might be getting that nervous competitive twitch start to creep up your back. You might be thinking, "I'm doing enough to promote my OWN band, why on Earth would I want to help publicize another local band?"

These posts will foster a "community of unity" and present an informative look at your scene as a whole. One of the benefits of building a better music scene is an environment where bands aren't afraid to share other band's content - i.e. other musicians will undoubtedly begin to reciprocate. But that shouldn't be expected, nor your motivation.

How many venues have closed down in your area or have stopped hiring bands? You can't play at every venue every weekend.

You want to be in an environment where live music is encouraged, venues are thriving, and people are happy to pay for the experience.

Think camaraderie vs. competition

Check out the posts in this section for great inspiration.